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Our Christmas Card

Aunt Renne has come over from St Ives, she loves to give a recitation and this one is about the Carol Choir. When she's finished  click the moon.........................


We joined the Fore Street carol choir.

The night was crisp and clear,

We started off at Virgin Street

With Cully's "Hellesveor."


'Andsome it was and no mistake,

The great base deep and rich,

The altos and the tenors too

Were good and true to pitch.


One dear old chap there standing by

Said, "Well I must confess,

"OTiz like an organ, iss it ez,

A horgan, nothing less."


We worked the Digey, through Love Lane,

It still continued dry,

Did Bunker's Hill and Bailey's Lane,

Then on to Chy-an-Chy.


Past Doble's Wall, on up Dick's Hill,

Still singing clear and sweet,

Turned right at top for Island Square,

Next stop Teetotal Street.


Our voices now were rather hoarse,

The clarinet gone flat,

So all agreed to do Carn Crows

And leavešn go at that.

The Carol Choir is a tradition at Down-long,(the harbour area) St Ives, on Christmas Eve.

and the poem comes from John Barber's book of poems "Cousin Jack ashore and afloat"

You can purchase a copy of the CD on line from Brio music by clicking the link below.. 

Cornwall Is Calling  Ref: SEND1008
John Barber & The St Ives Minstrels

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